Wildly Alaska Cruelty Free Makeup


Wildly Alaska believes that the best skincare goes deeper than skin. It’s not just to make you look instant gorgeous but make you feel and act radiant inside out. The luxury of raw, pure, and precious natural ingredients from the fertile mother earth, refined to their highest potential with recyclable packaging, and the best part? Won't cost you a leg or an arm. Oh, yes – that is eco-friendly and cruelty-free.

The organic, all-natural, and paraben-free cosmetics trend wagon is buzzing as of late, and we aren't surprised with the attention it has gained all around. After all, we all must be aware of what goes on our face in the name of (conventional) beauty products daily—and whether these products really do good for our skin or not? Bring out your mind – seriously!

Choosing the right Makeup for travel is one of the trickiest things when you're backpacking. You need multi-functional products; that won't melt, break, or fall apart during travel; that are packaged small enough to take with you and won't damage your skin while you have amazing adventures. Well, it’s not that pretty easy to maintain your beauty routine during travels – and save your skin from the severe effects of climate change, pollution, sleepless nights, interrupted eating patterns.

Wildly Alaska offers a completely cruelty-free makeup line with effective paraben-free vegan options to help all the travelers enjoy their explorations without being worried about their skin health – and photogenic clicks for social media.


Marvels of Wildly Alaska Makeup Products

Are you ready to embrace a vegan and cruelty-free lifestyle with Wildly Alaska? Well, it's never been that easier before. But yup, today, more and more beauty lovers are jumping on the vegan hype and dropping preservatives and animal-derived ingredients all together.

If you're also one thinking about making the switch, here's what to know first...

Paraben-free – Yell it loud with your friends – because your Wildly Alaska makeup is free from the harmful substances like synthetic preservative of Paraben family, heavy metals like lead & arsenic, artificial colorants, and fragrances. So, damaged skin anymore – no way!

Cruelty-Free – Join a rapidly growing community globally, working for cruelty-free products and enjoy playing with guilt-free makeup for chic selfies. Because Wildly Alaska products are not tested on animals.


Nourishes your skin - Wildly Alaska cosmetics contain premium quality natural ingredients like essential oils, herbs, plant extracts, vitamins, and minerals making cosmetic products clean – nontoxic. These vegan and organic ingredients make your skin baby soft – o Lala!


Sensitive Skin Safe - Are you a frequent traveler with sensitive skin issues? Gotta good news for you! Paraben-free formulas limit the risk of skin irritation, sensitivity, and allergies during travel and otherwise – houfff!!!


Helps rejuvenation – The powerful skin rejuvenating properties of Wildly Alaska self-care organic products make you feel supple and glowing all through your rough & tough journey back hometown.

A Happy Meeting with Wildly Alaska Vegan Product

Let's meet Wildly Alaska proud makeup family members who are formulated without parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances, synthetic dyes, animal testing, and animal by-products.


Eyeliner – The eyes say it all! Either you’re planning to have a swimming competition or enjoy snowfall, Wildly Alaska paraben-free, waterproof eyeliner is gonna be your best friend forever.

Brow Transform - Skip the hassle of frequent touch-ups with multi brushes, blow your brows with Argan Oil magical wonders. Brow Transform - a vegan product, hydrates, and nourishes your eyebrows naturally. We bet – you'll love carrying it everywhere!

Vegan Lip Scrub – Gluten-free, infused with rocking coconut oil, avocado oil, vitamin E, and many many more organic ingredients will make your lips super soft and luscious. You’ll fell in love with your own lips!

Vegan Concealer – Paraben & cruelty-free vegan concealer is every makeup kit must-have item. Its gentle natural formula helps to cover all imperfections perfectly, leaving skin hydrated and super soft.


Vegan Eyeshadow – Spark your eyes with a more natural and healthier look because of all high-end raw ingredients. Paraben-free eyeshadows are more than just SAFE for the delicate skin of eyes.

Nourishing Face Mist - The game-changer for frequent long travelers! Its herbal extracts gentle formula is divine for re-energizing and soothing dehydrated and dull skin.

Liquid Foundation - Want to post your trip photos on your blog without scratching your head on Photoshop? Why not! Pick Wildly Alaska iconic liquid foundation. Use it for the countless years to come to prepare the makeup canvas – your face – and forget about any acne breakouts or dehydrated skin forever.

Blemish Balm Cream – The HOLY moisturizer of your daydreams! Its vegan, paraben-free, and lightweight. Chamomile extract, as it’s the star ingredient, makes it so special to go everywhere with you as your bodyguard against UV damaging effects, aging, and uneven skin tone.


Natural Liquid Lipstick – The perfect vegan and paraben-free product to add to your makeup routine. And surely, you’ll be mesmerized by the cotton-candy-soft-lips in the result – yum!


Natural Lip Stain – These natural color pigments are great, 100% Vegan and cruelty-free with moisturizing and nourishing properties. Put in your travel bag beforehand, its formulated especially for your glam and comfort, lovely sugar-babes.

Wildly Alaska cosmetics natural products nourish your driest skin to soft, firm, and younger tone. Whether you have a plan to the beach for a weekend or buying a ticket for a month-long Europe tour, vegan cosmetic products are more than just fancy makeup bottles. They fight against pollution and weather harsh effects and protect, nourish, and make you radiant inside out naturally.

You all must have learned now the real secret to chic skin – the most straightforward formula:

Radiant Skin = Vegan Ingredients + Essential Oils + Cruelty-free – Paraben Ingredients


About Wildly Alaska

Wildly Alaska puts pure and natural ingredients into every product we have. We are here to give your skin, beard, and hair a truly Alaskan experience.


Founder John Quick and his daughter imagined this brand together, and they stick by every product they have.