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Must-Have Beauty-care Essentials in Your Travel Backpack

As much as we love to travel, it can be a huge burden on our skin to pose pretty and fresh for Insta feeds and FB status – and we know, we know… it's not that easy to keep a standard beauty routine going. Eating in a hurry, dozing in a different hotel room every night, long-haul flights across the planet, jetlag, and sunbathing can unleash havoc on your skin.

Wildly Alaska skincare and makeup helps you look Instagram-ready from Moscow to Morocco and everywhere in between. With minimal self-care and makeup products, you can look flawless on the fly.

Let us take you to a rapid tour of your backpack self-care essentials before your on-plane trip.


Wildly Alaska cares for both – the traveler ladies and gentlemen, so don’t worry! Isn’t it pretty cool of us? Aww. We encourage both men and women to give their selves a special treat of skin cleansing and revitalize to have natural glow throughout your journey back home.

Check out the wonderful Wildly Alaska skincare products ready to get packed into your luggage.

Wildly Alaska Hair & Body Soap - You must be thinking why carry soap when hotels provide it for free? But trust us, those freebies will suck all the moisture from your body. Bringing the humble bar of your Wildly Alaska Hair & Body Soap won't leave you dehydrated and greasy – instead, soften your skin and hair.

Rose Gold Anti-Aging Serum and Moisturizing Cream - With so much time spent on airplanes and abrupt change in climatic conditions, dry skin becomes the biggest issue for long travelers. Anytime you are flying, pamper your skin with Rose Gold anti-aging serum and deep moisturizing Cream to avoid harsh effects of climate and pollution – say bye to fine lines, skin dryness, itching, and flaking.

Wildly Alaska Nourishing Face Mist – Don’t get us wrong – but yes, you look so dull when you land to your destination and even after all day hectic hangouts. Want to rise Instagram following with bright, fresh, and luminous smiling clicks, then don’t skip Wildly Alaska magical face mist – for instant skin hydration.

Wildly Alaska Natural Deodorant – Just look at its perfect compact travel size, suitable to get packed in your hand luggage with super refreshing natural fragrance. Keep your flight neighbors and friends close to you – but smelly and sweaty pits at bay.


Want to look gorgeous and camera ready all the time without buzzing with a lot of beauty products? Fortunately, we understand your basic beauty care needs, so keep scrolling for some bold and iconic makeup items instead of overstuffing your travel bag.

Blemish Balm Cream – Double check all items before leaving home that you won't skip Blemish cream. After all, its gonna serve your all-purpose to be photo-click-ready with perfect even skin tone. Save your luggage space and time for something more adventurous.

Eyebrows Color – To keep your makeup efforts super simple, quick, and travel friendly, go for Wildly Alaska’s innovative gel-mousse. You can get budging-free brows for 1 to 2 days without the hassle of redoes after every few hours.

Blush – Pick the most natural color blush best suited to your travel destination that can instantly freshen your dull look to gorgeous and glamorous YOU and cut makeover time to half.

Natural Lip Stain & Liquid Lipstick – These beautiful tiny tubes will completely transform your look to VAVAVOOM!  These are not just natural lip color—but a fashion statement.


All the adventurous beards-men must have some basic items to conquer new landscapes around the world. Let’s have a look:

Face, Beard & Moustache Soap – If you’re planning for a more adventurous trip and breathtaking photo captures, messier your all hair could be. Nourish your dull & dry face and tame your frizzy beard and mustache with Wildly Alaska gentle formula soap – it’s gonna be your soapy love story.

Beard Balm – The groomed beard is an all-time necessity for flawless social posts with eye-catching natural scenes behind you during a vacation trip from house-of-fashion Paris to heaven-of-lakes Vancouver. Begin your journey with confidence in the tidy and well-styled beard.

Moustache, Beard & Hair Combs – Men's attention, please! Don’t forget to pack the perfect combo of hair, mustache, and beard combs in your travel bag. After all, combs are the must-have item of your travel checklist.

Wow, you’ll feel half ready if you read all of that carefully, A++. Obviously, you’re gonna need your self-care items to enjoy your vacation without the fear of dehydrated cracked skin, untidy hairstyle, and dull photos. So, never leave the country without making sure your backpacking checklist is covering all essentials.

Keep drinking lots of water, eat lots of vegetables and fruits, and enjoy your travels all around the world!



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