7 Tips to Look Stylish in Every Click: A Pie of Every Eye

7 Tips to Look Stylish in Every Click: A Pie of Every Eye

“Fashion fades, only style remains the same.” – says Coco Chanel

Traveling is always an exciting endeavor, and dressing up with a charming little style can heighten your experience. Appropriate dressing is really important because you gain respect and friendship much more quickly and attract less of the wrong sort of attention. It’s all about how you wear it.

Read the ultimate tips on what to pack to both be stylish yet comfortable while abroad.

  1. Bring the mix and match clothes: Anyone can look stylo and chic without spending or packing a lot. You need to pick and choose clothes smartly, keeping your travel destination in mind. Try to choose pieces in three coordinating colors to create multiple outfits every time.
  • A comfy T-shirt, a striped button-down, blazer, a pair of jeans, and nice pants are always good options in actual clothing articles.
  1. Minimize the shoe pairs: Nothing is PREPARED unless you've got the correct pair of shoes. You'll be spending most of the time on your feet, so invest in comfortable shoes. But comfortable shoes don't mean jelly shoes.


  • For women, a wedge or stacked heel is good to go for evenings while stylish athletic sneakers or loafers are best for exploring time. Men can get by with sneakers and loafers, which can be used during the day and at night.
  1. Bag it up: Another integral part of graciously finishing your confident look is your handbag. Securing the passport, credit cards, and other essential items are the primary concern of any traveler.
  • Women can go for a Crossbody bag for hands-free ease, slash-proof shoulder straps, or a tote bag, which can be their best travel partner. While men with the right travel bag, like a duffle or a backpack, make all the difference.
  1. Accessorize properly: A few simple accessories can freshen up your look when you travel. It can be a watch, a hat, a bandana or some statement ring – anything basic you like.
  • Women can go with some elegant statement jewelry pieces like a necklace or oversized earrings, which you can easily wear with different outfits. A colorful scarf can also add style and comfort to your look. Men, alternatively, can go with some bright socks, leather bracelets along with a watch or a ring.
  1. Prep for formal evening or event: Lovely women! You opt for a slip dress with heeled sandals and statement jewelry while men should go for a crisp white shirt with a pair of pants, a multipurpose blazer, and loafers.
  2. Glasses: The best fashion accessory one can wear – is a stylish pair of shades. Choosing a statement pair of bold colors is an instant way to add more fun to your travel attire.
  3. The flattering swimsuit: For warm beachy travel destinations, swimwear becomes essential for your vacation hot-pick. It will present you more in-style and confident by the pool or on the beach.